Exhibitor Profile: Athena Naylor


Meet Athena Naylor. 

Washington, DC

Athena Naylor is an artist and illustrator based in the Washington DC area. 

Why zines? 

Self-publishing zines feels like a more sophisticated version of stapling a whole bunch of printer paper together and scrawling across the pages: aka, my favorite pastime since age four. There’s just a basic pleasure in being able to present your work to someone through a physical object they can handle and interact with.

Are there any organizations or people in your community that have been particularly influential to you?

So many indie cartoonists have influenced me to draw the kind of comics I do: Jillian Tamaki, Gabrielle Bell, Kate Beaton, Meredith Gran, Sarah Glidden, Lucy Knisley, Eleanor Davis… I am inevitably going to leave out too many.

van der weyden 2.jpg

 Your favorite art-related publication or art exhibition from the last year?

Because of both the company and the exhibitors I found that I really enjoyed the Durham Zine Fest last year (my friend who recently moved to North Carolina invited me to check it out with him and I am glad I did!)

Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to share?

I’m currently planning to debut a new comic soon about when I visited Richmond for the first time, so look out for that (Current Books is going to mark my second time visiting the city).

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