Exhibitor Profile: Amelia Blair Langford


Meet Amelia Blair Langford.

Richmond, VA

Amelia Blair Langford is an illustrator, graphic designer, educator, and muralist who has produced works that can be seen stretched from California to Germany. Langford creates illustration and print work, titled “The Treasure Hunt Project” inspired by ecological narratives and curiosities for the hunters and seekers within us.

 What was your introduction into the world of art book publishing?

I was introduced and inspired through the Richmond art community while attending book and zine festivals. I created the Art of Amelia Langford book as a form of a log and narrative when The Treasure Hunt Project illustration series began.

Why art books? How do you define artists' book/zine/publishing?

I define art books are a tool to interconnect and open dialogue to discover and inspire. The physical motion of touching and turning the page of a book will never fade for me.


Are there any organizations or people in your community that have been particularly influential to you and your project?  

Places that have influenced the narratives behind The Treasure Hunt Project include Richmond, Virginia; Baltimore, Maryland;  Grinnell, Iowa; Pickens, South Carolina and the Pacific Ocean.

 Your favorite art-related publication or art exhibition from the last year?

My favorite art exhibition from last year was the Craft + Design Show presented by the Visual Arts Center of Richmond at Main Street Station.

Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to share?

I have a number of wonderful projects coming up this year such as the release of my upcoming coloring book. I am also looking forward my Artist Fellow residency at The Rensing Center in South Carolina where I will be completing on-site ecological research and illustration studies for The Treasure Hunt Project.