Exhibitor Profile: VALET + UDLI Editions

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Richmond, VA

VALET is an artist run gallery that provides opportunities for emerging and underrepresented artists in the Richmond, VA community. Although they don’t produce any publications, they provide space, resources and an audience for artists to showcase their work. VALET will be sharing their space with UDLI EditionsUDLI uses DIY techniques, such as risograph, xerox, and screen-printing as a platform to exhibit their own artwork as well as artists from around the world promoting community outreach and collaborative practices amongst a diverse network of creatives.

What was your introduction into the world of art book publishing?

VALET’s introduction is CURRENT Books! Although we’ve sold publications at shows in the past, this is the first publication-centered event we’ve curated.

Why art books? 

We see art books as a way to share an artists ideas on a personal and often affordable level. They’re easily reproduced and can be distributed throughout communities much easier than larger works. Although digital copies can be created and distributed in a similar manner, the physicality of a published work creates a more personal connection to the artist and their ideas.

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Are there any organizations or people in your community that have been particularly influential to your project?

With VALET being a space for artists, we are always being inspired by the art community around us. There are so many groups, individuals and institutions that are either publishing great work or providing access to these works. SEDIMENT, GenderFail, Sink/Swim Press, Candela, VCU, and Studio Two Three are all doing things that we think are important to publications in Richmond. 

Your favorite art-related publication or art exhibition from the last year?

The press we’re sharing a table with, UDLI Editions put out a bunch of stuff last year that we loved, especially Heads #3. SEDIMENT Arts has a whole library of rare publications and showcased a lot of great works from GenderFail’s collection recently. Dialogue No. 4, published by Sink/Swim was a wonderful selection of Richmond artists.

Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to share?

We have A LOT of exhibitions and events coming up this year that we’re super excited about. Artists who are interested in using VALET to showcase their work are always encouraged to send us a proposal! If you want to know about our upcoming events, join our Mailing List or follow us on Facebook.