Exhibitor Profile: Pellinore Press


Meet Pellinore Press.

Baltimore, MD

Ursula West Minervini and Jonathon Poliszuk have operated Pellinore Press in Baltimore, Maryland since 2004. Some of their work is collaborative, while at other times they work independently. Pellinore Press allows the pair to consolidate their disparate artistic productions under one banner. They specialize in letterpress printing from handset type and woodcuts, producing books and prints that explore wordless narratives, surrealist games, and the absurd.    

What was your introduction to the world of art book publishing?

We began by making woodcut and letterpress-printed stationery, prints, and novelties, which we sold at craft fairs. However, as our vision for our work developed and we considered Pellinore Press less as a business venture, we began making more of the work we wanted, such as prints and comics/artist books. Eventually, this led to showing at book and print fairs.

 Why art books?

Implied, explicit, or abstract narratives are central features of our work. Books are a satisfying tactile container for those narratives.

As artists yourselves, do you see publishing as an extension of your practice? 

Publishing is an extension of our practice; we try to attend to as many of the details of the production as possible by making our own woodcut/letterpress covers and doing the binding and trimming ourselves, only outsourcing large digital printing for the comic interiors. 

Your favorite art-related publication or art exhibition from the last year?

We particularly enjoyed a small Saul Steinberg exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. His use of absurdity to humorously comment on culture interests us.

Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to share?

Jonathon is working on a large reduction woodcut depicting a Sisyphean journey, which should debut at CURRENT Books.