Exhibitor Profile: Mindy Burgess

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Meet Mindy Burgess.

Richmond, VA

 Why art books? 

I was drawn to the intimacy a book can bring to a concept as well as the sculptural aspect of a book and how its form can be  manipulated to control the reader/viewer’s experience beyond the basic book form. A far as defining them goes, I would say intent is something I think about a lot, whether it be a book, zine, or a publication of some sort.

I see publishing and making books as my practice. It’s a really accessible way to get my art and ideas out in the world where they otherwise may not. I’ve done gallery work before, but a book can kind of be like a gallery and treated as an exhibition space that you carry around and show whenever!

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 Your favorite art-related publication or art exhibition from the last year?

I was in Miami last summer and caught the exhibition of Toba Khedoori at the Perez Art Museum. The scale of her work is so large and opposite from books, but still feels so intimate.  


Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to share?

Right now I’ve been really interested in collaborating with others to bring their work into the form of a book. I have a couple projects in the works right now that I’m hoping to bring to the event. One is of mostly textual content of a close friend’s poetry that I’m excited about working on.

More work can be seen on Mindy's website here. 

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