round tables and tours

Round Tables

CURRENT will offer visitors the opportunity to sit down for intimate conversations with members of the Richmond art community who are working on collaborative projects. Grab a drink with the organizers of Curriculum Lab, Pattern Language for a Social Fabric, VALET, and more to learn about projects in Richmond that bring artists together for a common purpose.

Guided Tours

Each day of the fair, visitors can walk through the booths on guided tours with collectors and arts organizers. Experience the fair from the perspective of community members who are highly engaged with artists, galleries, and the greater art world. 

Friday, September 29

2 PM - Fair tour

2:30 - 4:30 PM - Round Table Discussion with Brooke Inman, Pattern Language for A Social Fabric

About Pattern Language for a Social FabricPattern Language for a Social Fabric is an experiment in open-printing as a means of developing a creative practice that calls into question any possibility of isolating singular contributions within a collaborative whole, while still allowing artists to engage the work as primary creators. Images have been collected from a wide network and preliminarily burned into screens. During 5 x 5 Summer Sessions at 1708 Gallery in 2016, open-printing sessions where the public joined the artists in printing on large pieces of paper and fabric, learned the basics of screen printing, and viewed the partially finished works on the gallery walls were held. As the various images are repeated and layered upon one another, an intricate and impossible-to-predict social fabric emerges, offering a poetic and abstract window into a collective psyche. 

Saturday, September 30

2 PM - Fair tour with Ted Elmore, President of Richmond BridgePark Foundation, art collector, and Studio Two Three Board Member

2:30 PM - 4:30 PM - Round Table discussion with Jonathan Lee, Organizer of Curriculum Lab

About Curriculum Lab: Curriculum Lab was initially created as a project for 20 artists: Jonathan Lee, Chino Amobi, Genesis Chapman, Tom Condon, Brooke Inman, Sarah Irvin, Aimee Joyaux, Bizhan Khodabandeh, Blythe King, Ron Lee, Matt Lively, Katie McBride, Andrea Owens, Michael Pierce, Michael-Birch Pierce, Leigh Suggs, Sayaka Suzuki, Nathan Tersteeg, Tyler Thomas, and Katie Woods: tasked with creating artwork inspired by discarded library materials from juvenile books from Virginia Commonwealth University's Curriculum Lab Collection. Each artist received a package with an instruction card and 20 3.5x3" card pocket fronts to draw on, cover, cut, manipulate, combine, or add to in any way they choose. The rules: the artwork can be any depth but must remain 3.5x3" and should be inspired by the text on each card. Completed works will be arranged in a 35x6’ grid of 400 and sold to support the Richmond Performing Arts Alliance’s ELLA program, which brings arts-integrated literacy into low income Pre-K classrooms across the greater Richmond area. During the exhibition, there will also be series of workshops, inspired by the same materials, that touch on how information, social issues, the arts, and literacy intersect. The workshop exercises are hands on/minds on activities that use visual art practices to teach information literacy skills; focusing on critical thinking, problem based enquiry, awareness of personal biases, and research/discovery techniques. Through art-making and discussion, participants will take a deeper look at the relationships they have with words and images in order to create effective visual narratives that best convey what they want to say.

There will be an exhibition preview through panel discussions and office hours at the 2017 Current Art Fair, September 28 – October 1 at Main Street Station. Curriculum Lab runs November 1 – 19 at Studio Two Three, with an opening reception November 3, a full day of workshops on November 4, and additional workshop opportunities through out the month.

Sunday, October 1

2 PM - Fair tour with Francis Thompson, Art Program Project Manager at JLL

About Francis Thompson: Over the past decade, Francis Thompson has managed a team responsible for maintaining and expanding a contemporary corporate art collection installed within office buildings throughout North America. During the early part of his role with the collection, he lead the curatorial development of its rotating exhibition program which has grown to between seventy and eighty shows a year. On display within the corporate offices, these exhibitions brought in artwork from non-profit art organizations, local museums, university art departments, and corporate employees. 

Francis has worked as Assistant Gallery Director for the Ellipse Art Center in Arlington, VA, assistant coordinator for the Mountain Lake Workshops with director/producer Ray Kass, and as Gallery Coordinator for the Virginia Tech Armory Gallery. A native of Virginia, he holds a Master of Fine Arts in Arts Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art with concentration in painting and drawing from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, VA. 


2:30 PM - 4:30 PM - Round Table discussion with Miranda Wagner of VALET

About VALET:  VALET is an artist-run venue invested in community involvement, diversity, and cross-disciplinary ventures in the metro Richmond area. Supported by a small group of passionate individuals, VALET aims to create an inclusive space for emerging and experimental artists to showcase their work.